10 Best string of turtles to buy online

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What is String of Turtles?

A string of turtles is a kind of plant. People also call it a jade necklace. They grow in most of the hanging tubs. And these look beautiful on the hanging object. These are available to buy in nurseries or in the shops of any big shop. Currently also seen online.

String of Turtles
String of Turtles

This plant was first found in South America. These are located near soil and water. It grows by hanging from different trees. A string of Turtles does not grow everywhere. The ideal place is needed for this. And Need some Sun Lights.



  • Very nice to see.
  • Available to buy for little money.
  • Enhances the beauty of the home.
  • Contains a small amount of water.
  • Not too big.
  • You can put the String of Turtles in a small space.
  • String of Turtles are poisonous
  • Cannot survive in any environment
  • Leaves die if not cared for regularly.

External structure:

As it is small in size, it grows slowly. It takes five years to get to full size. The leaves are round so it looks more beautiful. These grow in a swinging state and cover their bodies all around the tub. The cells of the String of Turtles are like tiny turtles. The vines are like artificial images.

How to take care?

There are different types of a string of turtles. Taking care of it is a little complicated. Since they do not grow in all kinds of environments, it is necessary to create an environment for it. This requires the advice of a nursery expert. All types of trees need adequate sunlight.

How to care of String of Turtles

But the leaves of the string of tortoise are damaged by too much light. It is better to keep it in a place where there is humid weather. But the south side window is better. temperatures are enriched at 65 ° to 75 F.


The soils should be loose. Make sure it is suitable for holding enough water. Make a small hole in the bottom of the pot to let the excess water out. Soils should be prepared by mixing different organic chemical fertilizers.

Maintenance for tring of turtles:

If there are more stalks, cut them. But not more than the amount. a string of turtles Plants looks beautiful when they have many stalks. But the dead vines and leaves have to be licked. Water regularly. Can use fertilizers and pesticides. Be careful not to overheat later.

maintenance of string of turtles
maintenance of string of turtles
  • Tips for growing new branches:
  • Lick the vine, cut 2.5 inches.
  • Apply water on the leaves.
  • Put in the morning sun.
  • Arrange for excess water drainage.
  • Where to buy String of Turtles plant

List of Good String of Turtles

Here we have described some good String of Turtles. There are many types of plants on the market. And it is difficult to find good products in the online market. So for your convenience, I have described some plants below. We provide products that need less care. And these are good and improved varieties.

1. Peperomia prostrata – String of Turtles

Peperomia prostrata - String of Turtles
  • Live Arrival Guarantee (when temps are above 32°F and below 85°F)
  • Little succulent-like leaves that look like a Turtle Shell!
  • The cascades over the sides of pots and planters
  • Will grab on and climb plant supports
  • Easy to Care For

2. Umbra 1011748-524 Triflora Hanging Planters

  • Nullify
  • DISPLAY PLANTS IN ANY WINDOW: By hanging 3 small planters on an extendable metal rod, Triflora makes it easy to water and display plants in your window without taking up space on the window sill
  • ADJUSTS HORIZONTALLY AND VERTICALLY: Slide Triflora’s three ropes along the metal rod and adjust their lengths to fully customize the placement of each hanging planter

Is String of turtles toxic?

Yes, it is poisonous, so these plants have a lot of care. However, there is nothing to fear, you can keep the plant at home if you are a little aware. There are many trees around us that are poisonous but we don’t know. So it is the same with plants. But keep out of reach of children.

Best advice:

A string of turtles does not grow fast. Clean the dead leaves repeatedly to enlarge the vine. Arrange for adequate water retention. Place it on the east and south side of the window and place it in the sunlight. Then you will get maximum results.

– By Annie

Some problems with String of Turtles:

  • If it stays in the same moisture for a long time, the leaves start to rot. The vines wither. The roots turn yellow. To attend at least 2 to 3 days a week. If symptoms appear, consult a nursery.
  • Cannot grow in any environment. Raised in mild humidity. The heat of the sun is very important in the east window.
  • After a few days, the vines have to be licked. If not, it will rot. New vines do not grow. The plant is poisonous so always be careful.

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